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Estate Planning for Blended Families

Today, families come in all different shapes and sizes. Sharing your life with new family members can be wonderful. While blended families are common, they do have some extra considerations to make when going through the estate planning process. While blended families may experience some additional challenges when planning their estates, it’s nothing that an experienced estate planning lawyer can’t help with. Estate planning for blended families is much easier when you get the right help and know what you need to do to provide for your loved ones.

If you have a blended family, Tressler & Associates can help you plan your estate. We know the challenges you’re likely to face and have solutions that can prevent any issues from arising in the future.

How is Estate Planning Different for Blended Families?

While people with blended families may require many of the same documents as anyone else, there’s often more to consider when you create your plans. You might have children from a previous marriage, your spouse may have children from a previous marriage, or you may share biological children together. Of course, with more people in the family, there can be more complications. You want to know that your children will receive what you wanted them to have. If you aren’t careful, your children could end up not receiving the inheritance you left for them. This is why you’ll need an lawyer who understands the needs of blended families.

What Can Blended Families Utilize for Estate Planning?

Many people will have everything they need to plan their estates with a simple will. However, as estate planning for blended families can be more complicated, there are other documents they may benefit from more. You should still have a will, but you’ll likely need more than a simple will that leaves everything to your spouse. An estate planning lawyer can discuss the details of your situation to help you make the best choice for your plans.

  • Trusts – Trusts are often beneficial when it comes to estate planning for blended families. With a trust, you can leave assets to your spouse upon your death and have the remaining assets pass to your children after your spouse passes.
  • Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements – Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements are contracts you create with your spouse that detail your responsibilities, obligations, and property rights. While these are often used when a couple divorces, they can also provide guidelines on how assets are distributed when a spouse passes away.
  • Life Estates – With a life estate, you can ensure that your spouse can remain living in real estate you owned after your death. However, you can stipulate that after your spouse passes away, your real estate will be passed to your children.
  • Immediate Bequests – You may want your children to receive certain assets right away rather than them being distributed through a trust after your spouse passes away. Including an immediate bequest in your estate plan allows you to pass specific assets to your children immediately.

Contact an Estate Planning Attorney for Help Today

Those with blended families need to be extremely thorough when planning their estates. However, this doesn’t have to be as stressful as it may sound. At Tressler & Associates, we understand the unique needs that blended families have and can offer the right solutions that can allow you to plan your estate the way you want. We’ll help you carefully assess your situation and how you want your loved ones to be provided for in the future.

Contact our estate planning attorneys today to learn more about estate planning for blended families. 


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