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Hotel building development.

Hotel Development from Acquisition to Construction Completion

If you’re passionate about the hospitality industry and have an entrepreneurial spirit, starting a hotel of your own can be a great venture. You might be prepared to take on the duties of running a hotel’s day-to-day operations and overseeing the business, but before you get to that point, you’ll need the help of a real estate attorney to get started with the hotel development process. Finding a property, whether you’re using an existing structure or starting with vacant land, can be a challenging process. As you acquire the right property and turn it into your vision, there will be many legalities you’ll need to be aware of during the hotel development process.

The real estate attorneys at Tressler & Associates can help you get your hotel up and ready to deal with any legal matter along the way. From acquisition to construction completion, we’ll be there with you to ensure everything is handled properly.

Hotel Acquisition

While buying commercial property is often complicated, buying a property for a hotel is even more so. A hotel is a huge investment, and an experienced real estate attorney can help guide you through it and ensure you’re making the right decisions along the way. In some cases, you might not only be buying the physical property, but also the furnishings, employees, and/or intellectual property the seller already has for the hotel. Buying a hotel of any size can have potential issues that a real estate lawyer can help you avoid so that the transaction goes smoothly.

At Tressler & Associates, we can help you through many aspects of hotel acquisition, such as:

  • Due Diligence
  • Inspections
  • Title Issues
  • Easements
  • Financing
  • Land Use and Zoning
  • Closings

Negotiating and Drafting Contract and Agreements

With any large investment, you want to be sure of any documents you sign, and investing in a hotel is no different. Many different contracts go into acquiring a hotel, and you need to ensure that your best interests are always protected. The language in these documents can often be confusing, especially when there are so many involved in this type of transaction.

A real estate lawyer can help with any legally binding documents you require during the hotel development process, including:

  • Letter of Intent
  • Purchase and Sale Agreements
  • Lease Agreements
  • Franchise Agreements

In addition to reviewing any documents you need to sign during the acquisition, your attorney can also negotiate on your behalf for better terms and conditions. You want to ensure you’re always getting the best deal, and having the right attorney on your side is key to doing so.

Construction and Renovations

Whether you’re starting from scratch or renovating the property, you’ll likely end up doing a lot of new construction when developing a hotel. When you’re doing any serious construction work on a property, you need to make sure everything is done according to the law. You’ll also need to obtain the proper permits to allow your construction projects to continue.

No one expects you to know how to manage this aspect of hotel development yourself. A real estate attorney will know what regulations you need to adhere to and what permits your project will require. At Tressler & Associates, we can help oversee your construction project to ensure everything is in line.

Real Estate Attorneys Who Can Handle the Hotel Development Process

Hotels can be a great investment to add to your portfolio, but they come with many risks if you aren’t careful. Hotels are unlike other commercial properties and require special care and legal support during the development stages. You don’t want to put yourself at risk by not having experienced help when trying to develop a hotel, which is why you need Tressler & Associates. Our Nashville real estate attorneys will be with you every step of the way to ensure you’re protected from risks and liabilities.

Contact us today to learn more about our hotel development real estate services.


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