Independent Contractor, Consulting & Client Service Agreements
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Independent Contractor, Consulting & Client Service Agreements

Whenever your business provides services to someone else or vice versa, you need a strong agreement drafted to protect your best interests. Any business is bound to have many relationships with people outside of the company, and when this happens, you need to ensure you both understand what’s expected of you. While a relationship might seem solid, you can’t ensure that the arrangement won’t fall through, leaving your business in a difficult situation with no solutions available.

At Tressler & Associates, we can draft agreements for all the various relationships your business relies on to maintain its operations. If you need independent contractor, consulting, or client service agreements, we can help ensure that what’s expected of each party is clearly outlined. Our entrepreneurial law attorney has experience creating a range of agreements that can benefit your business when it needs outside help.

Independent Contractor Agreements

Independent contractors provide businesses with a great level of flexibility when it comes to the talent available to them. There are also many great reasons why someone would want to work as an independent contractor rather than a full-time employee for a company. If your business utilizes the benefits independent contractors have to offer, Tressler & Associates can help you draft a solid independent contractor agreement. This includes detail and terms such as:

  • Basic information about the business and the independent contractor.
  • The services the independent contractor will provide.
  • The duration the independent contractor will provide services to the business.
  • What equipment and facilities will be used.
  • How the independent contractor will be compensated. 
  • What happens if deliverables aren’t met.

Consulting Agreements

Consultants are vital for providing businesses with specialized skills and helping them through challenging businesses. Their role is similar to an independent contractor in that they provide services to the company, but aren’t considered employees of the company. The terms and conditions of a consulting agreement are similar to those of an independent contractor agreement, but tailored to be more relevant to the consultant’s unique role in the company. 

Client Service Agreements

If your business is providing services to a new client or you’re receiving services from another provider, you want to know that this relationship runs smoothly. A legally binding agreement ensures that both parties have guidelines to follow and know what they need to provide. Like independent contractor and consulting agreements, a client service agreement outlines the service provider and client’s responsibilities and expectations. 

Protect Your Business with Tressler & Associates

Most companies can’t manage everything all on their own. There can be great benefits to bringing in independent contractors, consultants, and service providers, but you also need to protect your business from any potential risks related to these relationships. With an agreement drafted by an experienced entrepreneurial law attorney, you can feel confident when your business needs extra help.

You can’t be too careful when getting help from outside sources for your business. Let the entrepreneurial law attorney of Tressler & Associates draft an agreement that can protect your business whenever you get outside help. Contact us today to get started.


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