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investment related and capital raising agreements

Investment-Related & Capital Raising Agreements

Running a successful business of any size takes a great deal of help. While hiring the right staff is essential, there is only so much you can achieve on your own without proper funding. Because of this, investors are often vital to maintaining and growing your business. However, obtaining the capital your business needs to continue operations comes with many challenges. You want to ensure that you and your investors are always on the same page and know what is expected of each party. To help ensure that everyone understands the terms and conditions of the investment, you need a clearly written investment agreement.

At Tressler & Associates, we know the importance of having a solid contract when someone invests money in your business. Our seasoned corporate law attorneys will work with you to carefully create the proper agreements for you and your investors. 

Types of Investment Agreements

Investment agreements are binding contracts that formalize the transaction. There are various types of investment structures, and what agreements you’ll require can vary. At Tressler & Associates, we have the skills and experience needed to draft a range of investment agreements that suit your transactions. 

A few common investment agreements businesses require include:

  • Share Purchase Agreement – A share purchase agreement outlines the transfer of ownership of shares in a company from the seller to the buyer. These agreements should contain information such as the value of the shares, the number of shares, and what decision-making power the new shareholder will have.
  • Share Option Agreement – Share option agreements are between employers and employees and give the employees the right to purchase shares of the company in the future at a fixed rate.
  • Convertible Debt Agreement If an investor wants to loan your business money with the promise of being repaid the funds or receiving ownership in the company later on, you’ll need a convertible debt agreement.
  • Deferred Compensation – A deferred compensation agreement is different from other types of investment agreements in that the person doesn’t receive ownership in the company. Instead, those who require this agreement are agreeing to work for the company and receive compensation for their work in the future.

Even the simplest investment agreements can be extremely complicated. If you have investors interested in your business, you can’t risk not having an agreement drafted by an experienced attorney. Not only do you need to ensure your investment agreement contains the necessary information for both parties, but you also must ensure everything complies with any legal regulations regarding business investments. 

Create Investment Agreements with Our Corporate Law Attorneys

Bringing in others to invest in your business and help raise capital is often necessary. You and your investors both benefit from this arrangement. However, to ensure you both get to enjoy the benefits of the investment and provide what’s expected of you, you need an agreement you can rely on. Not having an experienced corporate law attorney create your investment agreement can risk serious problems for your business down the line, but this is something you can avoid with the right assistance.

Contact the corporate law attorneys of Tressler & Associates to ensure you have the proper investment agreement for every transaction you engage in.


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