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Community Involvement

Bringing back an “old school idea” of law means going back to the idea of serving a civic duty. True civic duty goes beyond our professions though, and to help our community beyond what we do at our offices, Tressler & Associates proudly works with local charities to help our community. There are two charity organizations that we work closely with: The Joshua Chamberlain Society and Empower Me Center.

With both of these organizations, Tressler & Associates has been able to get involved and then raise money to help people who need and deserve help in our community. Community involvement projects include supporting our fallen and wounded veterans for the rest of their lives. It’s to help those who sacrificed so much for our country. Working with the community also includes caring for our youth, particularly those with disabilities, and helping transform their lives through recreational, educational, and therapeutic activities in Tennessee and beyond.

It’s through the Joshua Chamberlain Society that we support our heroes. They’re a grassroots charity that was formed to help veterans from local areas with combat injuries that have hurt their ability to provide for their families. They also help provide for the children of local veterans who did not make it home.

Empower Me Center works to hold day camps, year-ground recreational programs, educational programs, and adult programs for individuals with disabilities. These programs include activities that promote their physical health, mental health, sociability, and confidence in ways that are difficult for parents and caretakers to provide on their own.

To help benefit those in our community who need our help, donate what you can along with us to the Joshua Chamberlain Society and Empower Me Center.

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