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12 Days of Giving 2017 Day 4: Sharon Liberti Chose Sherry’s Run

12 Days of Giving 2017 Day 4: Sharon Liberti Chose Sherry’s Run

Charity Starts at home. Charity is helping those more unfortunate than us. Throughout our lives, we often stumble upon charity organizations and underprivileged people. But what, really is charity?

I realized, for the first time I truly realized that all men, women, and children are loved by God more than we can possibly imagine and His love never changes and never falters. Charity is the beauty that lies within. Charity is the attribute we have each been asked to cultivate within ourselves. Charity is the unconditional love of God.

Sherry’s Run is an organization to help benefit those affected by cancer. This organization started when Sherry was diagnosed with Cancer. In spite of valiant efforts and a positive outlook, Sherry Whitaker lost her battle on May 12, 2004.

The reason why I hold cancer charities close to my heart is because I’ve lost my grandmother to leukemia a few years back. Life hasn’t been the same for me ever since.

So run! Run for all those who need our support to keep fighting. I’ll run in the memory of my grandmother and all those who are hurting. Who will you run for?

– Sharon Liberti

Learn More and Donate Here: Sherry’s Run


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