Tuesday, 30 December 2014
12 Days of Giving Day 11: Keleigh Kilgore chose Monroe Carroll Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt

"My daughter has been a patient at Monroe Carroll Children's Hospital since she was 7 days old and I credit them for getting her to where she is now. Sophie was born with a rare form of congenital hypothyroidism. The first of her type in the state that was known of according to her Dr. We were told it was so severe that she may never grow, and may always have the mind of a two year old. To make matters worse at 4 months old she had a tumor grow in her eye that covered her entire orbital socket . At one point we were at VCH once or twice a month. 

After several eye surgeries they were able to save her vision and at the age of 13 she is almost as tall as me and makes straight A's in Middle School honors classes. One of her best memories of having surgeries is, they let her "flat Sophie" project in the 3rd grade gown up and go in to surgery with her. The doctors took photos with flat Sophie and even let her stay through the whole procedure. No matter what comes up with the side effects of her condition they have found a way to fix it. Thanks to their proactive treatment she has defied the odds. 

Vanderbilt Children's Hospital is amazing in the way that they will never turn away a child due to the families inability to pay. They will even pay to bring children from out of state that need their help and healing as well as give their parents a place to stay while their child is being treated. They offer counselling services for both parents and children going in to surgery, all paid by donations to the hospital. I have never seen a sad or scared child there. The volunteers, doctors, and nurses go out of their way to treat, care, and entertain children who are there not only for  visits, but long term patients receiving treatments for a wide variety of illnesses. The bulk of donations go towards helping children whose families can not, on a normal basis afford the care or treatment they so desperately need. The donations give children in need of medical care an opportunity for a future." Donate to Monroe Carroll Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt

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Posted on 12/30/2014 1:56 PM by Keleigh Kilgore
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